The mission of Assist-Trend Kft. is to offer comprehensive hygiene solutions for its partners in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe by means of its products and services. Assist-Trend Kft. is the specialist of the hygiene of tables, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and buildings.

Assist Trend, a company with 100% Hungarian ownership, is based in Lábatlan, Hungary. Assist Trend is one of the most significant hygiene service providers in Hungary. As a company of the Nord Group, its aim is to serve clients from the public sector as well as private organisations specialised at catering or other services. Assist Trend offers its clients hygiene paper products, chemical products, cleaning equipment, complete hygiene services and the installation of hygiene and cleaning systems.

When defining the range of our services, we always aim at meeting the demands of our clients by guaranteeing premium quality and a favourable price to value ratio, whether they need hygiene paper products, dispensers, HACCP compliant chemicals or cleaning equipment and machines.

To promote the improved and professional use of our products, we also provide various services such as floor care, the installation, maintenance and servicing of chemical dispensing systems and hygiene consultations.

Benefits for our partners

  • we help them select the most suitable hygiene solution by means of customised consultation,
  • we deliver the selected products as fast as possible by means of our developed sales and logistics network,
  • we offer a broad range of paper and chemical products, cleaning tools, brushes and cleaning machines that meet every demand when it comes to the hygiene of tables, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and buildings.

The operation of our company complies with the quality management standard MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009 that covers the distribution of paper and chemical products and cleaning tools and systems, the provision of hygiene and floor care services and the processes of storing and logistics.

By continuously extending our product range according to market demands, always flexibly adapting to individual needs and offering quality products at affordable prices, we aim at full customer satisfaction.


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ADDRESS:2541 Lábatlan, Rákóczi F. út 105.
PHONE:+36 (33) 524 071
FAX:+36 (33) 524 070
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