Magyar Termék Non-profit Ltd.

In no more than a decade, the Magyar Termék (Hungarian Product) system has become a household name all over Hungary. The system helps customers in selecting reliable products of a certified Hungarian origin and producers in presenting such products to consumers who base their decisions on this factor among others.

The organisation operating the certification system, MAGYAR TERMÉK Nonprofit Kft., celebrated the 10th anniversary of its founding in 2016. The market proved the idea of the founders who perceived the need for a qualifying system that can reliably certify the Hungarian origin of products and services so that customers can play safe when making buying decisions.

The users of the Magyar Termék certification marks make a strong and diverse team. Almost 4000 products by more than 150 producers bear one of the Magyar Termék marks. It would not be easy to name a food product that can be produced in Hungary and yet no representative of it has ever been certified as Magyar Termék. In addition to a colourful range of consumer goods used on a daily base, products labelled with the certification marks also include a multitude of other products and services, including all kinds of fields from Bramac roof tiles and DDC cement to the record of the Hungarian band Republic or, to name one of the newcomers, the mineral water NaturAqua Emotion.

Magyar Termék certification marks help those who buy Hungarian products so that Hungarian jobs can be preserved, Hungarian tax revenues increased and environmental loads diminished in selecting such products consciously and safely. From the 3 marks, the one with the script “Magyar Termék” indicates that particular product is made of Hungarian raw materials in Hungary. As for “Hazai Termék” (Domestic Product), these are made of Hungarian components in at least 50% and each phase of the processing was realised in Hungary. Products marked as “Hazai Feldolgozású Termék” (Product Processed in Hungary) are processed in Hungary but mostly from imported component.