Omega Bázis Ltd.

Omega Bázis Kft., a company which only works with gluten free ingredients, was founded in 2011 as a member of Nord (previous Forest) Group. In the January of 2016, we moved to a new location where our products are produced using state-of-the-art technology.

Our product range is based on processing bio seeds, germinated seeds, oil seeds and other grains with various technologies. We make cold pressed oils, meals and flours. Our germination technology is our own innovation which is patented in several countries. Omega Bázis Kft. purchased back the rights from the previous Danish owner, this how this innovative process could obtain a Hungarian ownership again.

Continuously improving and extending our range is very important for us. We place emphasis on making products that are not only natural, but also tasty. We know how difficult it is to make good quality gluten free breads, bakery products and pastas with a harmonic taste. This is why we commissioned a technology in 2017 that enables us to make gluten free bakery products of excellent and stable quality. We continuously extend our range that includes the following products at the moment:

  • white and wholegrain breads,
  • stone-baked pizza base,
  • mini baguettes,
  • snacks in various savoury tastes.


We believe in clean food and that really good food is made from natural ingredients and by state-of-the-art technology.

Raw materials and quality:

  • We prefer Hungarian raw materials, this is why our products are marked with the logos of Magyar Termék Nkft.
  • We only use certified gluten free materials.
  • We only use GMO materials.
  • We avoid the use of additives and allergens.
  • We do not use trans fatty acids and palm oil.
  • Our bio products are controlled by Biokontroll Hungária.
  • Our management system complies with the standard ISO 9001:2015.